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  • Section I: Instruction



It is essential both from the viewpoint of the child’s health and the school’s public relations that teachers use discretion in the assignment of "school homework.”  Such work should be related to the school's aims and philosophy of education and normally increase from grade to grade.

Homework is assigned by the teacher in a deliberate manner.  The assignment is designed to give practice to lessons taught at school, and, on other occasions, serves as a means of motivating students to explore academically; to go beyond, intellectually, the confines of the classroom.

In assigning homework, the teacher takes such precautions as being:

a. Careful not to assign new work not yet taught.

b. Sure the parents understand the purpose of the work assigned and consider themselves a part of the team approach to the student’s education.

c. Careful to provide extra help in, or after, school for those students who have not properly comprehended the lesson(s) taught, and to motivate the students to take advantage of the help; rather than attempting to comprehend the lesson through homework assignments, alone.

d. Sure the homework is meaningful, individualized, and has a maximum time assigned to it.

e. Aware of special events sponsored by the school or observance of religious holidays.


Reviewed: 12/8/97

Amended: 08/12/02

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