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  • Section I: Instruction


The Board has approved the following schedule of minimum requirements for graduation, which includes minimum requirements specified by the State of Maine.

To be awarded a high school diploma from RSU 21, students must earn a minimum of 24 credits. Of the 24 credits that students must earn:

● 4 must be in English/Language Arts

● 3 must be in Mathematics

● 3 1⁄2 must be in Social Studies

● 3 must be in Science (with at least one year of laboratory study)

● 1 must be in Fine Arts

● 1 must be in Physical Education

● 2 must be in World Language

● 1⁄2 must be in Health

Credits will be awarded upon demonstration of proficiency in the content areas and Guiding Principles of the system of Learning Results. Pursuant to the Guiding Principles, students will demonstrate that they are ready to enter postsecondary educational programs or careers as:

● Clear and effective communicators;

● Self-directed and life-long learners;

● Creative and analytical problem solvers;

● Responsible and involved citizens; and

● Integrative and informed thinkers.

Students must also satisfactorily complete a total of 30 hours of community service.

Before entering high school, students need to know the standards for attaining a high school diploma in order to plan an appropriate, sequential educational program to meet that goal.

The Superintendent, through the high school principal or other designee, shall be responsible for making accurate information concerning diploma requirements available to incoming students and their parents prior to the start of their ninth grade school year. A copy of this policy will be disseminated to all incoming ninth grade students at the time of course selection. This policy will also be included in every edition of the high school student handbook.


A child with an IEP who satisfies the local diploma requirements in the manner specified by the child’s individualized education program must be awarded a high school diploma unless the IEP team determines that the student should continue for an additional period of time, not to exceed the student’s age for school eligibility.

Students who have completed all School Board requirements for a diploma may participate in graduation exercises. Students who are determined to be eligible for additional years (up until 22nd birthday) by their IEP team are eligible to participate in graduation exercises with their cohort. Students are only eligible to participate in one graduation ceremony.


In accordance with Maine law (20-A MRSA § 4722; 2-A), students will be allowed to gain proficiency through multiple pathways and will be allowed to demonstrate proficiency by presenting multiple types of evidence.

Kennebunk High School’s educational program is designed to enable students to satisfy graduation requirements in four years. Through a sequence of learning experiences/courses, students will be provided opportunities designed to gain and demonstrate proficiency in all of the content areas of the Learning Results and in the cross-content Guiding Principles of the Learning Results.

Students may also opt to pursue a high school diploma through multiple alternative or additional pathways including:

● Early college/dual enrollment courses

● Career and technical education programming

● IB / AP / STEM Scholarship programming

● Online/virtual learning

● Apprenticeships, internships, co-op work program, and/or field work

● Community service

● Exchange programs

● Independent study

● Alternative education

● Adult education

Each pathway must provide a quality learning experience comparable in rigor to the school unit’s own learning experience (course) offerings.


This section applies to all students in all graduation classes.

A. Transfer Students

For students who transfer to Kennebunk High School from another state or from an educational program that is not required to be aligned with the content standards of the system of Learning Results, the Kennebunk High School Principal shall determine the value of the student’s prior educational experience towards meeting graduation requirements. This process may include a review of evidence provided by the student and / or performance on Kennebunk High School common assessments.

B. Home-schooled Students

For home-schooled students wishing to receive a diploma from Kennebunk High School, the Kennebunk High School Principal shall determine the value of the student’s prior educational experience toward meeting graduation requirements. This process may include a review of evidence provided by the student and / or performance on Kennebunk High School common assessments.

C. Delayed Awarding of Diplomas

A student who leaves Kennebunk High School to attend an accredited, degree-granting

institution of higher education may upon satisfactory completion of the freshman year be

awarded a high school diploma, provided that the student has notified the principal at the time of the early admission.

D. Alternatives for Graduation

Students are encouraged to remain in high school for a full four years and to participate in as many course offerings and activities as possible. However, other options are available as indicated below, provided that all Kennebunk High School graduation requirements are met in time for graduation.

a. Admission to a Post-Secondary School:

This alternative is available to high school students who enroll at a post- secondary institution. Courses taken at the post-secondary institution may be applied as graduation credits / demonstration of the Learning Results proficiency standards at Kennebunk High School. Students are responsible for their own college admission, expenses, and for providing Kennebunk High School with a transcript of all courses taken at the post-secondary school.

Students in this program may graduate with their class. Students wishing to enter this program must consult with the guidance office and receive written permission for the plan.

b. Early Leaving:

Students who have completed all graduation requirements by the end of a semester, may leave school at the end of the semester. Students taking this option will not be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics beginning on the first day of the next semester. (See procedure below.*)

c. Early Graduation:

Students who have completed all graduation requirements are entitled to a diploma and may graduate at the end of the school year. (See procedure below.*)

* Students seeking Early Leaving or Early Graduation must do the following:


1. Meet with their Guidance Counselor

2. Fill out the appropriate forms with the Guidance Counselor

3. Set up a conference with the Principal, Guidance Counselor, and parents.

NOTE: Parental approval is necessary for either program.

E. Extended Study

Students are eligible for extended years of study to complete the requirements of a diploma if they have not reached the age of 20 at the start of the school year. Students eligible for extended years of study may be referred to a credit recovery program/summer school, adult education or other resources suitable to young learners. Extended study for students with disabilities shall be specified in the student’s Individualized Education Plan.

F. Certificate of Achievement

The Board may provide a certificate of achievement to a student who leaves school having completed at least four years attendance as a full- time high school student and has participated in learning experiences/courses but has not met Learning Results proficiency standards.

G. Honors and Awards at Graduation

In order to be eligible for honors or awards based wholly or in part on academic achievement, a student must be enrolled full time at Kennebunk High School.


Legal Reference: 20-A M.R.S.A. § 4722

Cross Reference: IHBG Home School

IHBGA Participation by Home-Schooled Students in School Programs

IKFAA Special Education Graduation

Adopted: 12/16/2019

Revised: 5/17/2021


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