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  • Section I: Instruction



A fundamental goal of RSU 21 schools is to enable students to attain state and local learning results, to demonstrate mastery of skills as evidenced by high achievement on standardized and performance-based assessments, and to maximize individual potential through varied learning experiences.

In accordance with this goal, assessment of student performance shall be administered regularly to provide information regarding student abilities, achievement and educational needs.  Testing to this end is an integral part of the educational program for each student and guides the development of appropriate learning experiences.  In addition, data on student achievement shall be used to evaluate programs and inform decision-making regarding instructional practices.

In accordance with Maine Learning Results legislation, RSU 21 has developed a plan for comprehensive and systematic assessment of student learning.  This plan relies on three levels of assessment.

  1. Classroom assessment designed and implemented by teachers guides instruction and ensures progress toward learning goals for each student.

  2. Assessments such as grade level writing samples, Phonemic Awareness Screening, and the Developmental Reading Assessment as well as specific content area tasks administered to all students at a particular grade level constitute district assessments and measure attainment of grade specific knowledge and skills.

  3. A third type of assessment administered to students gives performance data normed at the state or national level.  These assessments include the Maine Educational Assessment, the CTBS-TCS2 Ability test and the Terra Nova Achievement test.  Data from this type of assessment informs parents on the progress of each child relative to large samples of students beyond our district.

The following schedule of district wide assessments shall be implemented:

Grade K Kindergarten screening; Phonemic Awareness Screening
Grade 1 Phonemic Awareness Screening, Developmental Reading Assessment
Grade 2 Developmental Reading Assessment, Terra Nova Basic Battery
Grade 3 Terra Nova Achievement Test; TCS2 Ability Test
Grade 4 Maine Educational Assessment
Grade 5 Terra Nova Achievement Test; TCS2 Ability Test
Grade 6 Terra Nova Achievement Test; TCS2 Ability Test
Grade 7 Terra Nova Achievement Test; TCS2 Ability Test
Grade 8 Maine Educational Assessment
Grade 9 Terra Nova Achievement Test; TCS2 Ability Test
Grade 10 Terra Nova Achievement Test; TCS2 Ability Test
Grade 11 Maine Educational Assessment

Additional assessments will be administered at each grade level in accordance with curriculum standards.  Participation in nationally normed assessments at the high school level such as the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, (PSAT), and Scholastic Aptitude Test, (SAT) is encouraged.

Testing will not be done on the dates on which the following religious holidays fall: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Good Friday.  In addition, academic testing important to the grade achievement of the student shall not be administered on these religious holidays.


Adopted:  04/23/01

Reviewed: 01/25/10

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