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  • Section J: Students


The RSU 21 Board of School Directors recognizes that the use of personal communications devices by staff and students is a convenience that many families depend upon to keep in touch with each other. This policy sets out guidelines for courteous use of such devices within the school community.

Communications devices shall be turned off during instructional and class time, and at school-sponsored events where there is a reasonable expectation of quiet attentiveness or where use of the device would cause any disruption of school activities unless there is a bona fide case of a health or safety emergency.

Cell phones, pager/beepers, or other electronic communications devices shall be turned off in the bathrooms and locker rooms.

Students found to be using any electronic communications devise to in any way send or receive personal messages, data, or information that would contribute to or constitute cheating on tests or examinations or that would violate any school rules, applicable local, state or federal laws shall be subject to discipline and the device shall be confiscated and not returned until a parent conference has been held.

Students violating any part of this policy may be refused the privilege of carrying any personal communication device following the incident unless it can be established by the building principal that such a device is necessary for a bona fide health or safety emergency.

Kennebunk High School: Use of the device shall be limited to the period before classes begin in the morning, during the student’s lunch period, during passing time, and after the student’s last class in the afternoon.

In grades K-8, a cellular telephone or other communication device must be turned off and stored during the school day unless it is determined to be essential for the student’s health or safety by the principal.

Staff: Use of the device shall be limited to the period before the work shift begins, after the work shift is over, and any time the staff member has legitimate break time (e.g., lunch, unassigned period).

Anyone possessing a personal communication device shall be personally and solely responsible for the security of the device. RSU 21 shall not assume responsibility for theft, loss, or damage of any personal communication device.

Adopted: 10/24/2005
Reviewed: 04/26/2010
Amended: 08/20/2012
Amended: 04/27/2015


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