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  • Section J: Students


The Board of School Directors recognizes that for many students an innovative program of co-curricular and
athletic activities is a key element of a comprehensive educational program.  In order to provide academic and fiscal accountability in the offering of programs, any new co-curricular and/or athletic program must be presented to the Board of School Directors for authorization.  In accordance with this policy, the programs proposal rubric shall be completed to provide adequate information for the Board to make accountable decisions on new programs.  This rubric shall be completed in full and returned to the Superintendent for review prior to forwarding the proposal to the Board of Directors for review.  Activities related to the proposed program may not begin until the Board has granted authorization.


Amended: 06/16/92
Reviewed: 12/08/97
Amended: 10/06/08
Reviewed: 04/26/10


Important Note: The RSU 21 Stipend Committee is conducting a comprehensive review of all stipend roles. This review is tentatively scheduled to be completed by September, 2023.  During this review, no new stipends nor changes to existing stipends will be considered by the Board. Should you have questions, please contact Director of HR, Scott Harrison


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