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The Board of School Directors recognizes that fundraising by parent groups, student groups, and booster organizations may be necessary to support many of the activities and athletics in RSU 21.   In order to balance fundraising efforts throughout the district, this policy will address coordination, types of fund raising activities, and the approval process.

To coordinate various fundraising efforts, the Superintendent shall fundraising campaigns planned for each school.  

The parent groups, student groups, and booster organizations shall present their fundraising plans to the building principal at least two weeks in advance of any fundraising activity.

The Principal and Superintendent shall approve all fundraising efforts.
The administration is charged with the responsibility for making rules, regulations, and procedures for the conduct of fundraising activities.

The Superintendent shall report all fundraisers to the Board and post the fund raising calendar on the District Website.

Funds derived from authorized groups and organizations shall be expended to benefit the specific activity or group of students they support.  

Fundraising shall be conducted in such a manner as to offer minimum competition to local commercial concerns.

There shall be no fund drives in the schools by non-school sponsored activities. All sales of other than school sponsored items on school premises are prohibited, with the exception that newspapers prepared and published by students of the District, but not school sponsored, may be sold and/or distributed in like manner as the school sponsored newspapers. 

School-sponsored activities should be of a type that is not designed to primarily promote profits for an outside commercial agency using the schools as a vehicle for its own commercial benefits. Rather they should be programs designed to promote educational opportunities for students.


Amended:  12/22/1997
Amended:  01/23/2006
Reviewed:  04/26/2010
Amended: 11/04/2013

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