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JJJ/JJIC - Academic Eligibility

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JJJ/JJIC - Academic Eligibility

Students at Kennebunk High School must carry six classes or six courses or the equivalent as a core requirement for athletic and academic eligibility.  A student is deemed academically eligible if he/she passes five full-time courses or an equal program to five courses each quarter.  

To be eligible for fall activities and/or athletics, grades earned in the fourth quarter of the previous academic year are the determining factor.  Fourth quarter grades are used to determine fall eligibility and not semester or yearly averages.  Incoming grade 9 students are exempt from fourth quarter eligibility requirements as per Maine Principals Association policy.

The guidance department will prepare a list of ineligible students and provide notices to all students who are deemed ineligible within one week of the posting of grades.  In addition, these students will be provided with information for registration for summer school. Students who take remedial course work during the summer for credit will have those courses noted on their transcript.  

A student who fails a fourth quarter class and is deemed ineligible, but successfully passes the course for the year, must gain permission from the principal (or designee) to improve the fourth quarter grade through some form of  remedial work.  A student initiates the remedial plan by requesting a meeting with the principal (or designee) by July 7.  An approved plan must be completed by August 1 in order for the student to gain eligibility for the fall quarter.

A failed fourth quarter grade may be made up but will not impact the yearly average for that course unless the course was failed for the year.  In the case of a yearly failure, the summer school option can improve the yearly average to a passing level.

A student who passes four full-time classes in a quarter is deemed ineligible and may appeal to the Principal for a waiver for conditional eligibility.  The waiver requires the student to sign a contract which ensures that the student will report on a bi-weekly basis his/her status to the principal regarding all currently enrolled classes.  A student must pass 5 classes and be making satisfactory progress in all other classes to maintain conditional eligibility.

Ineligibility means no participation in any form of:

a. Contests/performances/athletic events;
b. Practices/rehearsals;
c. Try outs/auditions/running for office;
d. Clubs/meetings; and/or
e. Elected or appointed student offices.


Reference:   IKF Graduation Requirements 

Adopted: 07/07/08
Reviewed: 04/26/10


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