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The pre-participation physical examination (PPE) form will include a “History” portion, which will establish a baseline of information regarding the athlete. The history portion of the PPE should be completed by the athlete and signed by his/her parents each year.  In the off year, the athlete’s health history form should be viewed by the school nurse. If there are changes in the medical history, the school nurse should bring it to the attention of a physician and a decision can be made concerning whether or not the student athlete needs to have another complete physical examination before proceeding with the upcoming athletic school year. The examination can be done by a medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, nurse practitioner, or a physician’s assistant. Athletes who sustained major injuries or have medical illnesses during the interim; i.e., the time that elapses between the two examinations, should be recycled into the physical examination program at the start of the next school year, no matter what grade they attend.

A sports Candidates Questionnaire (Athletic Card) is required for all athletes participating in sports each year. Forms will be available online to fill out or in the Athletic office. Forms may be completed by either parent or physician but must be returned before a student is eligible for practice for that school year.


Approved: 7/13/20

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