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  • Section J: Students


The RSU 21 School Board recognizes that at any given time there may be students in our schools who have serious allergies. While RSU 21 cannot provide a totally allergen-free environment, the District will take reasonable steps to work with staff, students, and their parents/guardians to minimize the risks of severe allergic reactions at school.

The Board directs the Superintendent, building administrators, and school nurses to develop and implement appropriate procedures to address student allergies. It is understood that these procedures may vary from school to school since middle and high school students can be expected to take more responsibility for managing their allergies than students in the elementary grades.

Cross Reference: 

JLCCB-R Administrative Procedure for Students with Allergies 

JLCD-Administering Medications to Students in School

Adopted: 11/20/17

Revised: 05/20/24

  • Section J