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  • Section J: Students

The School Board recognizes that Maine statutes restrict the work hours for students enrolled in school who are under age 16, and, to a lesser extent, for students who are 16 and 17.  The law authorizes the Superintendent/designee to issue work permits to minors under 16 under certain conditions, including that he/she be enrolled in school, not habitually truant, not under suspension and currently passing a majority of courses.  Permits may be revoked by the Superintendent if these conditions are not maintained.

The Board believes that school is a student’s primary job and that employment should not interfere with participation in academic and extra-curricular activities during the high school years.  The Board directs school staff to work closely with parents, businesses and employers of students to help students maintain a realistic and healthy balance between school and work.


Legal Reference: 26 MRSA §§ 664, 702, 704, 771, 773-775

Adopted: 08/09/99
Reviewed: 05/03/10

  • Section J