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  • Section J: Students



Great care must be exercised to ensure that all information is accurate and factual.  Any reports on behavior patterns and specific incidents must be factually reported and clearly verified.

Schools shall review and consider the elimination of any unnecessary data at the end of grades 5, 8, 10 and 12 or at termination from school.  The schools will serve notice when the personally identifiable information is no longer needed to provide educational services.  This information must be destroyed at parents’ request.  However, a permanent record of a student’s name, address and phone number, his or her grades, attendance record, classes attended, grade level completed, and year completed shall be maintained without time limitation.

The District also shall maintain I.E.P.’s and evaluation reports that were developed for exceptional students during the five years prior to termination of special education services for those students.

The unit has designated a professional person to be responsible for record maintenance, access and destruction, and to educate the staff about maintenance and access policies.  All school personnel having access to records shall receive training in security with emphasis upon privacy rights of students and parents.  Written authorization of the designated person is on file at the Superintendent of Schools’ office.

All authorized persons, agencies, or organizations desiring access to the records of a student shall be required to sign a written form which shall be kept permanently with the file of the student.  Such form shall be only for inspection by the parents or students, and shall indicate specifically what legitimate interest that each person, agency, or organization has in seeking this information.  Such forms shall be available to parents and to the school official responsible for record maintenance as a means of auditing the operation of the system.  Authorized personnel whose names have been posted as per State Department regulations need not sign the student records before using them.

Teachers shall use these records in a professional manner to aid them in providing the best possible education for their pupils.  They may discuss the information with the students’ parents, but must be very careful not to draw conclusions nor make interpretations beyond the scope of their professional expertise.  Teachers should be very careful to explain all information thoroughly.  Isolated bits of information are often misinterpreted.  Teachers may not release personally identifiable information to any outside person or agency other than the pupils' parents, and then only when the information has been obtained by the teacher in the course of the teacher’s work with that student.

Principals and counselors are the only persons authorized to release any information to any person other than a student’s parents.  Medical information is the school nurse’s jurisdiction.  All information that is released must be treated in a professional manner.

The school may, without consent of parents or students, but upon written request, release a student’s records to:

1. school officials, including teachers, school attorneys, and other individuals employed by the District who have a legitimate educational interest;

2. the Commissioner of Education and his/her officers or subordinates, so long as the intended use of the data is consistent with the Commissioner’s statutory powers and responsibilities; and federal regulations under 34 C.F.R.  99.31;

3. officials of other primary or secondary school systems in which the student intends to enroll, provided that the pupil’s parent/guardian is notified of the transfer.  The parents may request a hearing on whether that information is accurate, misleading, or in violation of the student's privacy or other rights.

4. in other circumstances permitted by federal regulations under 34 C.F.R.  99.31.

Neither the school nor any school personnel shall divulge, in any form, to any persons other than those listed above, any information contained in pupil records, except:

1. with written consents from the pupil’s parent/guardian, specifying what records are to be released and to whom.

2. in compliance with judicial order, or pursuant to any lawfully issued subpoena.  Parent/guardian and/or pupils should be notified of all such orders prior to the school’s compliance.

The school may release data for research purposes when it is in such a form that no individual student is identifiable.


Amended: 02/10/92
Reviewed: 12/08/97
Amended: 08/12/02
Reviewed: 05/03/10


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