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  • Section J: Students



The classroom teacher shall be responsible for the use of and continually update all pupil records.

All elementary classroom teachers will be responsible for reviewing the cumulative folders of each child assigned to that teacher during the first month of school and updating the cumulative folders before they are passed onto the child’s new teacher, as follows:

1.  Cumulative Record Form (green) shall show admission date, age as of September 1; teacher; number of days present; general health; conduct; scholarship; parents’ names and current address; school academic record and rotation of special programs; teacher comments; results of standardized testing, including Maine Educational Assessment results (stickers) as well as any individualized testing.

2.  Cumulative Reading Records (blue) shall show instructional reading material used; levels of competency; support services required, if any; teacher comments; supplemental reading materials used; results of Phonemic Awareness Screenings, DRA Scores, MEA Testing, Terra Nova Testing, specifically reading comprehension (g.e.) and total reading score (g.e.)

3.  Health insert (pink) shall be updated yearly by the school nurses and stored in the health office.  Information shall include results of vision and hearing screening, as well as height and weight updates.

4.  In addition, the following shall be filed within the cumulative folder:

- birth certificate

- updated information sheet (yellow)

- kindergarten screening results

- screening sticker (for transfers in)

- results of yearly standardized testing

- Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) results (grades 4, 8, 11)

-  Report Cards Grades K-5

and, if applicable:

- Materials related to other instructional programs such as Gifted & Talented, Special Education, Reading Recovery, Title I, TAT

- individual testing

- the front covers of any hand scored testing

- court orders, custody papers, and legal documents


Amended: 12/08/97
Amended: 06/11/01
Reviewed: 05/03/10

  • Section J