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  • Section K: School Community Relations


To ensure that the parents of the children being served by Title I have an adequate opportunity to participate in the design and implementation of the Title I Project, Regional School Unit 21, is complying with Section 200.53 of ECIA 1981 final rules, effective July 3, 1986, with the following policy, as approved by our School Board on August 11, 1986.

For the purpose of strengthening our Title I program, Title I administrators and staff shall:

  1. Promptly notify parents by letter that a child has been selected for Title I services.  This letter shall explain the Title I program and the reasons for the child’s selection into the program.  The letter shall also invite the parents to serve on the Advisory Committee and inform them that their input into the program is desired.

  2. Inform parents either personally or in writing, at least annually of the specific instructional objectives for their child.

  3. Inform parents quarterly in the child’s report card of the child’s progress in the program.  A Title I staff person shall also meet with the parents annually during parent/teacher conferences to discuss the child’s progress in the program and to solicit comments and suggestions regarding the planning, development  and operation of the program.

  4. Conduct parent programs to instruct parents on ways of promoting their child’s education in the home and to solicit suggestions on how the school can work with the parents to achieve Title I’s objectives.

  5. Maintain an Advisory Committee of parents.  Said committee, to be composed of interested parents of Title I students from all schools, shall meet at least annually to discuss program design and implementation.

  6. Convene annually a public meeting, to which all parents of eligible students shall be invited, to explain to the parents the programs and activities provided in the Title I Project.

  7. Respond to all parental recommendations in a timely manner.

  8. Facilitate the use of parent volunteers in the Title I Program by advertising the need for theses volunteers in the school newsletter and in the annual meeting and by directing and supervising their involvement in the program.

  9. Include Title I news and information in the monthly school newsletters to inform parents of program developments and to invite parental involvement.

  10. Conduct an informational booth at the annual open house at each elementary school to inform the parents of the Title I program and to solicit comments.


Cross Reference: KB - Parent Involvement in Education

KBF – Parent Involvement in Title I

KCB - Community Involvement in Decision Making


Adopted: 8/11/86

Reviewed: 12/8/97

Reviewed: 06/21/10

Amended: 06/05/17


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