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  • Section K: School Community Relations


Public support for the schools depends upon informed public opinion.  Regional School Unit 21 will strive to maintain effective communications with the public in order to convey accurate information about the goals, programs, needs, and accomplishments of the schools and to provide ways for citizens to express their opinions and expectations.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining a public communications program that will provide for the dissemination of school unit reports and plans, information concerning student achievement, relevant statistics, noteworthy facts, issues affecting education, use of school facilities, news of the schools, school events, and student and staff accomplishments.

The Board encourages the Superintendent and school unit employees to whom communication responsibilities have been delegated to use a variety of methods for providing information to the public, such as the school system’s website, letters, newsletters, publications, news releases, news media coverage of Board meetings and school-related events, meetings, and personal contacts. 

All communications with the public shall appropriately respect the confidentiality of students and staff.

The building principal and/or district directors will be responsible for program and other routine school announcements to parents and students.  The Superintendent shall be responsible for establishing guidelines for communications with the media and to the public.  Such guidelines shall address confidentiality as well as authority to approve and/or release communications, content, and contact with media representatives.

Community opinion may be solicited through parent organizations, parent-teacher conferences, open houses, and other events or activities that bring staff, parents, and community members together.  The Board and/or Superintendent may develop and disseminate surveys and questionnaires to obtain information and to allow parents and citizens served by the school unit to express their opinions. 

Legal Reference: 20 USC §§ 6311, 6314-6316, 6319

Ch. 125 § 4.04 (Me. Dept. of Ed. Rule)

Cross Reference: AEC – Accomplishment Reporting to the Public

JRA – Student Educational Records

BDEE - Communications Committee Policy

Adopted: 12/20/21

Revised: 9/11/23


  • Section K