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  • Section K: School Community Relations


The adequacy of public school facilities, supplies and programs is the responsibility of all taxpayers, and the appropriate public officials must remain responsible for providing each and every student with the resources necessary for a quality education. Therefore, the School Board believes that, in general, product advertising and/or endorsement is to be discouraged in the schools. The Board has an obligation to assure that students, who are required by law to attend, are not subjected to commercial messages of any kind without careful analysis of the benefits and risks that pertain in each instance. Since the issue of advertising in the schools can be attended by strong opinions, the Board may seek comments and recommendations from the administration, the professional teaching staff and the community prior to considering any form of advertising in the schools. 

The Board is opposed in principle to accepting any programming, equipment or services that are offered only on the basis of mandatory exposure of students to product advertising. The Board recognizes, however, that in some instances product names, logos or advertising may be acceptable when the programming, equipment or services can be clearly shown to be of significant benefit to the school program or provide financial sponsorship to benefit the school program. 

The Board authorizes the administration to consider requests for advertising in the schools, on school grounds, or on school buses on a case-by-case basis, except that:

  1. Brand specific advertising of food or beverages is prohibited in school buildings, on school grounds, or on school buses except for food and beverages meeting standards for sale or distribution on school grounds in accordance with Department of Education rules.  For the purpose of this paragraph, “advertising” does not include advertising on broadcast media or in print media such as newspapers and magazines, clothing with brand images worn on school grounds, or advertising on product packaging.

  2. Consistent with its efforts to promote a tobacco/nicotine, alcohol, drug, and weapons-free environment, the Board prohibits displays of advertising in school buildings, on school grounds, or on school buses for tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs (including prescription and over-the-counter medications), performance enhancing substances, dietary supplements, or weapons or weapons-related equipment.

The Superintendent will determine the financial or educational value of proposals for advertisement in the schools. The administration is charged with carrying out the intent of this policy, and the Superintendent or designee shall seek the guidance of the Board as the Superintendent deems appropriate. A regular report will be made by the Superintendent to the Board regarding advertising in the schools.

Business/School Partnerships

A business/school partnership is one where a particular business agrees to serve as a formal sponsor, financing all or part of the cost of a school organization or activity, but allowing the school officials to maintain control of the organization or activity. The administration may implement and operate business/school partnerships that involve the District and the community in a collaborative program to create a spirit of involvement in, and a concern for, the public schools.  All business/school partnerships must be approved by the Superintendent. The District retains the right to terminate any such partnership at any time.

In general, school/business relationships will be in accordance with the following principles:

  1. Programs of corporate involvement must be structured to meet an identified need, not a commercial motive, and must be evaluated for effectiveness by the District on an ongoing basis.

  2. The District will hold donated materials to the same standards used for the selection and purchase of curriculum materials.

  3. Sponsor recognition and corporate logos should be for identification rather than for commercial purpose and should be minimal in size, scope and frequency of appearance.


Legal Reference: 20-A MRSA 6662

Cross Reference: 

FF – Naming of School Facilities

KCD – Revenue Enhancement/Gifts to Schools 

Adopted: 08/30/99 

Revised: 06/10/02 

Reviewed: 06/21/10

Revised: 12/17/12

Revised: 01/26/15

Revised: 9/11/23


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