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Talented Artists Program Portfolio Requirements Grades 5 and 6

  • A self-portrait in any medium
  • All work must have been completed within the last year
  • Four additional pieces of work from any medium. (i.e. clay, plaster, watercolors, oils, acrylics, etc.)
  • All portfolio submission MUST be entirely student-produced.
  • At least three examples should be work completed in the school art program
  • An application must be included with the portfolio. *
  • The samples must include both 2-D and 3-D, in any combination. *
  • Portfolios and applications will be screened by art teacher and GATES staff and interviews may be granted.
  • Finalists' portfolios will be assessed by a local artist.

Art Foundations Honors- Grade 9

Art Foundations Honors is a comprehensive course with strong emphasis placed on the development of specific art skills in both 2D and 3D design, as well as the language of the visual arts. 

Composition, and the elements and principles of art will be discussed and analyzed through regular class critiques of student work. In addition, studies will include art history and proper presentation/matting of artwork. 

Students interested in applying to this class must do the following:

• Prepare a portfolio of original works.

• Submit a teacher recommendation.

• Complete a student application.

• Participate in an interview with the portfolio review committee. 

The committee will include both educators and local artists. Interviews will be conducted at MSK.

Students new to the district should contact the high school for information.


Your portfolio is an essential component to the application process. It is required that all work be original (not copied from another source) and should reflect your best effort.

The portfolio consists of 5 pieces that consist of:


“Observational” means that you are looking at the actual object(s) or scene. You should not be working from photographs or from images found on the Internet. 

1. Still-life of at least 3-5 objects that say something about you (interests, hobbies, beliefs, etc).

Medium: Pencil

2. Go to your favorite room in your house. Think about what you like about this room. Draw what that space looks like.

Medium: Your choice. 


These pieces may be paintings, prints, jewelry, sculpture etc. For computer art, please be prepared to show and explain your process. 

Presentation of work is important. Please have your work mounted or matted and labeled with your name, medium and description of work. The portfolio itself may be of any type or style, but should be large enough to contain all artworks. Clearly label the outside of your portfolio with your name and address. 


The Portfolio Review Committee will identify students for the Art Foundations Honors program based on the following criteria:

• Technical/perceptive skills

• Creative problem-solving skills

• Art commitment

• Completion of all application requirements