Special Services VAP

Gifted and Talented Education Visual Arts Philosophy and Identification

RSU 21 is committed to identifying children who show exceptional promise in the arts. Students gifted in the area of visual arts are identified and receive services beginning at Grade 5. At the Middle and High School Level, students have additional opportunities for advanced study in the visual arts and the performing arts areas.

Application: In the spring, the art teacher explains the Talent Artists Program (TAP). Interested students are required to fill out an application. Applications are available from the art teacher, or can be downloaded from the district website.

Portfolio: Following the application all students will need to submit a portfolio (See portfolio requirement). These will be judged by local artists and art teachers.

Interview: Students may also be interviewed as part of the application process.

Selection: A team made up of GATES staff, art teachers, and artists will select students by June. Selected students are identified for participation in TAP. Three to five percent of the grade level population will be identified. Parents of students who applied will be notified by mail of the team’s determinations. Written permission to participate in the TAP program is required.