Summer Reading Guides

June 2016


Dear Families:

We hope this summer will be filled with lots of fun memories made through experiences reading with your child. I am pleased to share with you the 2016 RSU 21 Summer Reading Guides for grades Pre K through 8. Our school and community librarians, technology teachers, and community volunteer, Kate Moxham, have developed these guides to encourage summer reading. They offer a broad range of titles for your child to enjoy this summer.

Summer reading tips:

Reading for pleasure over the summer months will help your child build upon the literacy skills developed this school year.

● Practicing reading text that is at, or below, your child’s level will help them become more fluent and automatic.

● Increasing a child’s experience with a variety of text, including informational and non­fiction titles, will prepare him or her well for the vocabulary, background, critical thinking, and analytical skills needed for school success.

● Exposing children to a variety of high­ interest books will foster a love of reading.

The books have been carefully vetted and align with grade span reading levels, current student interests, and our curriculum expectations. I wish you and your family a happy and restful summer – with lots of fun reading!



Phillip J. Potenziano, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent of Schools


2016 Reading Guide Info

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