K.E.S. Artist-in-Residence Dance Program with Sharon Arnold Lux

KES will host Sharon Arnold Lux for A 2-week "Artist-in-Residence" Dance Program at KES including: two, 45-minute, dance instruction sessions for each class (23 classes; 46 sessions total); two, 45-minute, dance instruction sessions for each grade-level (8 sessions total); and a dance showcase at KES, approximately 45-minutes in length, including all KES students.

Kindergarten teacher Nancy Goldberg has set up the program with funding from the Education Foundation of the Kennebunks and Arundel. Last year, Ms. Lux volunteered with all of the KES kindergarten classes.  She worked with each of the 6 kindergarten classes for a half-hour, teaching them a dance routine.  Following her sessions with the children, the kindergartners practiced the dance with their teachers and showcased their dance routine at a KES assembly.  The dance classes and the showcase were extremely well received!  The audience and the dancers enjoyed the show!

Engaging in dance will increase the children’s concentration and readiness for learning, develop motor and sensory integration skills, and enhance team work.