Leadership School at Camp Kieve

The Middle School  of the Kenenbunks 7th grade classes  have visited the Leadership School at Camp Kieve for 7 years.  This opportunity has been made possible by the  funding by Education Foundation. Students take five required classes each day:  Skills, Relationships, Decision making, Adventure and Team building.  Each class is activity based and has  incorporates class discussions.  Students have the opportunity to have choice activities after the school day is completed which can include : basketball or sports games, tie dying, climbing, arts and crafts, quiet time or just hanging out with friends.

The four day  overnight experience  has transformed many students into more confident self assured individuals.

They learn to become leaders and have their voices heard. they learn to solve problems and attack many challenges along the way.

A quote from  a student

"Communication, decision making, and problem solving, those are the three most important things I learned at The Leadership School of Kieve. Everyone of those things apply to not only my school life but my life outside of school as well. Knowing decision making skills, communication, and problem solving help me to figure out what my success is. "