STUDENTS STICK IT TO UNDERAGE DRINKING CHCC - Partners with Area Students to Implement Sticker Shock Program

On April 16, CHCC partnered with RSU 21's Captain's Club students, advisors, parents, local law enforcement School Resource Officers (SRO's) and 13 businesses, to run a "Sticker Shock" campaign. Students placed bright neon orange stickers on multi-packs of beer and other alcohol products.  The stickers warn about the penalties for furnishing alcohol to minors. The Spring Sticker Shock event is held as a pre-prom and pre-graduation educational opportunity.

Project Sticker Shock is designed to reach adults who might be tempted to purchase alcohol legally and provide it to minors. The project represents a partnership between youth, retailers, concerned parents and community members, prevention professionals, and law enforcement. The common goals of the activity are to educate potential furnishers, raise public awareness about underage drinking, and to strengthen the deterrent effect of the law against providing alcohol to minors. 

Bill Paterson, Substance Abuse Prevention Project Director at CHCC, explains that "when adults supply alcohol to youth it sends a very mixed message. Underage drinking is not a teen problem, but a community problem.  Adults, youth, law enforcement, and retail stores all need to be part of the solution."